Family Time Is Precious

Today I gave up my serving shift after a series of really successful bartending shifts in order to spend some time with my number one guys. 

This morning we went out, got some drinks from Speedway and went out to pay some bills. After that, kiddo played in his room and the hubby and I watched Suicide Squad which he saw in the theater but I hadn’t. I actually liked it. 🙂

After that, we set up dinner in the Crock-Pot and headed out to the Budweiser brewery to see the Brewery Lights and see the Clydesdale. It was about 35 degrees outside and dark but the lights were pretty. We walked out to see the horses but got there about an hour too late. Oops! My bad! I had to promise kiddo that we’d go back next week to see the horses. Freaking Mommy fail but when we walked back out, we had a seat by the outside fires and warmed up a bit. All in all, it was a nice walk in the brisk air.

Now, we’re watching WWE Smackdown Live and talking. A WrestleMania ad came on for next year’s show which happens to be in Orlando. 😁😁 Cue my big mouth… “If we happen to be down in Florida by April, we totally have to go to WrestleMania.” He said, “not even WrestleMania… All the Indy wrestling shows that will be in the area will be great to see.” Ummmm…. Yes. Please!!!!!”

So, my wait list availability activates the second week of January so maybe… Just maybe, I’ll get the offer but then!!!!! That’d be AMAZING!!!!!!

As for Thanksgiving, we finally have a plan. It’s a wicked untraditional but hey… That’s what we do. … We’re going to have breakfast at Red Arrow Diner and then we’re off to explore the Manchester cemetery. It’s supposed to snow that day too so I may be able to take some beautiful photos. *fingers crossed*


Technology is great… When it works.

Such an annoying day. Around noon my Xfinity “wireless gateway” stopped working. After 45 minutes, they said that we needed a new box. So I drive down to the store and get a new one. 8 hours and 4 – 30+ minute phone calls later, the new box is bad and I have to go back to the Xfinity store tomorrow and get yet another one. Irritating!!!!

This being said, I’ve mentally been obsessing about the day that I finally get my WDW job offer. I honestly think I’ll bawl my eyes out. LOL

The Waiting Game

So, going on wait list was the best thing for my family. Uprooting during the holidays would not have worked. However, now I’m thinking about my potential future job all the time. It’s both incredibly exciting and a little nerve racking to be so close to achieving that life long dream!

This morning we started a “Dimes for Disney (Relocation)” jar. I figure that every bit helps and who’s gonna miss a bunch of dimes? Quarters? … I might actually miss that too much. LOL

Tonight I’m bartending at work so at least that is a solid distraction. 😂

I’ll say this as well… My husband homeschools son and is a stay at home dad so the move is pretty easy for us as a family unit.😀