I need to relax but HOW?!?

I’m irritating my husband these days with, “if we move to FL…” I don’t mean to be a pain but seriously, I get so worked up!! I want to work for WDW!!

I also realized that WrestleMania is in Orlando this year so it’d be SOOOO bad ass to go to the events in the area leading up to the show! And I want to go to NXT tapings at Full Sail University! And I want to play board games with the dudes from Dice Tower Games. So many things to do and see!!

Oh well, I need to lay off so I’ll just post here instead. Hahaha

On a side note, we got a deep fryer last night so that should be fun! Hubby is currently making French fries for the kiddo.

Also, we’re marathoning Expedition Unknown. I freaking love Josh Gates and his shows! So good!!