Interview and Wait Listed!

So… now that you know a bit about me, I will tell you a bit about how I decided on what to apply for. My end goal for Disney was always to be a server but after reading online, I found that they rarely hire people into that highly sought after position. Because of that, I figured I would do just about anything to get my food in the door. The only thing I really required was a position that dealt with the public because nothing would be more fulfilling to me than to have the opportunity to make people smile each and every day!

I told some people my goal of serving at Disney and they say things like, Oh! That will be stressful or Oh! That sounds like a lot of work but, in reality, it is a job I already do. I currently work as a server and bartender and run my butt off on a daily basis. The only difference would be that I would be doing the job I love INSIDE of a place that I love. Even on the bad days, you are at WDW! How bad can it be?!

So I applied for a few various job but nothing that really reached out to be. Then I saw it. The job was posted 10-31-16 and was only up about 3 days. It was a restaurant host/hostess position. The starting pay is low but it would get me into restaurants at the park. That was great. So, using my LinkedIn account, I applied. I was surprised to see that in the application, they ask you to identify 2 other jobs that you have interest in. Well  guess what?! Server was an option!!!! Winner! Winner! Clearly, option #2 was server and I think #3 was like busser or something along those lines.

I applied 10-31-16 at about 4pm EST. When I woke up the next morning, I had an email to take the first portion of the interview process. It was an online evaluation.  As soon as I finished it that morning, I was informed that I was moving on to the next portion of the interview process. It was an interview… In person or phone was ok. Since I live in NH, I opted for the phone interview the following Friday 11-4. I honestly was so nervous before the call because I am 36 years old and trying to get a job against people 18 years younger than me. I KNEW I was qualified but I was not sure if I was what they wanted.

When the nice girl called me, we spoke for a minute about the interview process and the position. I quickly informed her that my end goal was to be a server and my 10+ years in the industry would help me get there. After talking for a few minutes, she explained to me that if I’d rather be interviewed for server, it was fine but she was concerned that I may not pass as Disney has very high standards. I accepted the challenge, knowing that if I failed that interview, I was S.O.L. for the host job.

So, my interview was actually SUPER easy for someone who has actually been in the business for a long time. “How do you hand out food and drinks to a table?” “What is auctioning off food?” “When is it ok to do?” “Name 3 white wines.” “Name 3 red wines.” We spoke about the business and how the different locations work in the parks and resorts.

She asked me if I have tattoos or body modifications. I told her I have two tattoos. One on my back and one of my ankle. She noted the ankle one and mentioned that I will not be able to work in a restaurant with dresses because my tattoo will show. I will not lie. I was REALLY sad because I would LOVE to work for Sci Fi Dine In in Hollywood Studios because I love their rockabilly style dresses! TOO COOL! Oh well… I will live, right?!

Anyway, after about 35 minutes of interview and chatting, I was asked when I would be able to move to FL. I said that January would be the earliest. In reality, we’d planned to move later but a dream is a dream, right?! So, I am officially now on the server, tipped position, wait list!!!!! I will be activated on the wait list the second week of January and when a position does come open, WDW will want me to be there within two weeks! O_O

So, my husband is kinda on board and we are just playing things by ear to see when I get the offer and if it comes, with a little bit of luck, we can be off to a great new adventure!

Here is a snippet of the email I got about the wait list…

Thank you for interviewing with the Walt Disney World® Resort Recruitment team.

As mentioned during your interview, you are currently on the waitlist for a Full Time or Part Time F&B Server-Tipped role and any additional roles recommended by your Recruiter.

This blog is where I will update my thoughts and ideas about WDW and my potential new position! WOOHOO!!!!!